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Board of Directors

American Foundation for the Elderly Deaf (AFED), Inc.

Mission Statement:

AFED's purpose is to provide a good quality retirement living environment
that is designed for social interaction and inclusive communication.

AFED Organization Chart

AFED is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.

Board of Directors

Daisy A. Palmer, PhD, President
Earl Day, Interim Vice President
Doug Dittfurth, Secretary/Treasurer

Hoyett Larry Barnett
Sallie Curtis
Beverly Duncan
Brenda Fraenkel
Frederick J. Newberry
Beth Schreiber -
Memory Garden and Website Liaison
Mark William Seeger
Susan Sien
Barbara Vicencio -
Senior Citizen Program Coordinator

Perry Connolly, Emeritus Director, Past President
Mark Wayne Seeger
Julius P. Seeger, Emeritus Director, d. 2012